Our financial literacy programs

Our financial literacy education programs are divided into three categories with each category geared towards a different sports professionals’ age group. 

The reason for the below categorization is that each group has a different set of financial needs therefore their financial education should evolve around what they perceive to be of interest and benefit to them at the given point in time.  The three groups are:

  • Young Stars – (sports professionals up to the age of 22)
  • Prime - Age Players (sports professionals between the ages 23 to 30)
  • Mature Players (sports professional of ages 30+)

All financial education programs include financial goal setting along with creating, implementing and maintaining a financial freedom plan.  The contents of each program category are analyzed further below.

You can visit www.apc-sfla.com for detailed information on the educational programs we offer and follow the Money Smart Athlete Blog for our latest articles.