Our services

We have stressed that as a professional athlete you don’t get too many shots at financial success.  So, we have created bundles of services and processes to help you do that when you sign up with APC Sports.

Upon sign up, we will assess your current financial situation and we will prepare a business/financial status report. We will then create a business\financial plan which will support your desired lifestyle all the way up to your retirement.

Upon your agreement with the proposed plan we will proceed with its implementation. We will monitor your business and financial progress and we will report to your regularly with updates and reports.

In addition, APC Sports can provide you with a number of supplementary services, independently, as needed and upon your request, and on the basis of agreed upon terms subsequent to the submission of a proposal.

1. First Year Services upon Sign Up

Assessment of the individual’s current personal, financial, tax and business status.  The assessment encompasses the following areas:

  • Tangible/Intangible Assets 
  • Total existing debts and liabilities
  • Tax status, tax compliance and tax residency 
  • Contractual commitments
  • Current insurances status
  • Existing corporate/trust structures
  • Details of all professional and other business advisors 
  • Family Status 
  • Athlete’s sports history 
  • Current and prospective living expenses of the athlete and his family
  • Parallel businesses held 
  • Athlete’s interests, hobbies, special skills/talents 

2. Preparation and presentation to the athlete of a report and file that comprises the following:

  • Historical data regarding the athlete based on the findings of our assessment.

  • Athlete’s current net worth and current cash flow position.
  • Desired financial status of athlete on key milestones of his/her career (sports field play, post field career, retirement, etc).
  • Proposed personal financial plan encompassing.
    • Savings and investments planning
    • Tax optimization planning and structuring
    • Asset/wealth protection, preservation and growth plan
    • Risk management planning 
    • Image rights structuring
    • Projection of Revenues and Living to accommodate savings and investment plans.
  • Proposed post career business opportunities.

3. Subsequent Years’ Services covered by the annual retainer fee

  • Career changes and their financial/tax ramifications. 
  • Monitoring the implementation and management of the athlete’s agreed upon personal financial plan.  Adaptation of plan to any career and/or other changes in the athlete’s life.
  • Monitoring of the athlete’s personal and business tax compliance.  Ensuring that all tax deadlines are adhered to.
  • Review of the results and status of parallel businesses held by the athlete.
  • Tax management of the athlete’s image rights.
  • Preparation of the athlete's annual personal financial statements.
  • Preparation and submission of an annual status report.  The annual status report will focus on:
    • Return on Investments 
    • Discussion of current financial status vis-à-vis the athlete’s proposed personal financial plan. 
    • Recommendations and suggestions for the subsequent years.

4 . Other Services to Athletes and Sports Professionals provided upon request and on the basis of a proposal (Not covered by the sign up and retainer fees)

  • Valuation of the athlete’s Image Rights.  Preparation of a strong “Image Rights Justification File” which can stand up to the scrutiny of tax authorities.
  • Review of playing, merchandising and sponsorship contracts along with recommendations.
  • Personal Brand consulting for the athlete.  Preparation of the athlete’s personal marketing plan.
  • Sponsorship consulting including identification of sponsorship opportunities and assistance in building a sponsorship portfolio.