Prime-Age Players Education Program

Financial Goal Setting

  • How to set and keep personal financial goals.
  • Making a personal budget and keeping track of spending.
  • Determining your net worth and setting targets for your expected net worth during your career milestones.
  • Personal savings, investments and pension plans.
  • Taxation of income and accumulated wealth.

Building and Maintaining your Financial Freedom Plan

  • Evaluating your existing wealth plan and advisors.
  • Managing your investments – risk, diversification and asset allocation. Investing for long term financial stability.
  • Risk management – stay adequately insured.
  • Keeping debt under control.  Learn strategies to help get current debt under control and minimize future debt.

Your Career and Life Plan

  • Falling in love and getting married.  Pre-nuptial and co-habitation agreements.  Adjusting spending and saving, to the realities of married life.
  • Buying your first home, buying a vacation home, buying property.
  • Monetizing on your stardom – building your brand, receiving sponsorships and endorsements, managing your image rights.
  • Considering your post sports career options.  Creating a post career plan and preparing for it.

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