Your Personal Marketing Strategy – Why it Matters

Developing a marketing strategy is more important than just making money; it helps you stay up-to-date and in the spotlight for much longer than how long your athletic miracles endure.  It is the path that leads you to plan tomorrow, in terms of prolonged reputation and market attractiveness.

More specifically, any player’s problem is that today while he is into big sports achievements he has success, recognition, glory, money and he is treated as a celebrity and a VIP; whereas when the sports achievements are gone at the end of his playing career most of the aforementioned benefits are gone.  The challenge that players face is to ensure that those benefits will be present in their non-playing future as well.  The goal here is to transform you from a sport achievement-related VIP, which has a short term duration, to a business-related VIP, which has a life time duration.

By developing your personal marketing strategy we help you monetise the success of today in the long term.  The key goal here is to make you, the player, into a brand on its own, a brand that will justify premium pricing on any business activity, currently and in the future.  We use a step by step approach for the building of your long-term image; we identify actual image opportunities, sustain and improve your personal image; we can turn you from a sports’ attractive persona into a “signature”, a brand that signs and endorses products or services.

We create an across-life strategy, whereby we ensure that all activities and initiatives are aligned with the ‘Athlete’s Identity’ definition.  Through this strategy, we maximize attractiveness to sponsors and brands.